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 "The bitterness of poor quality & service, will linger on long after the sweetness of a cheap price"



I was searching the Internet with respect to things on Uship and I ran across this site take a look find it interesting.... Maybe some of your customers should read about these customers are so-called unsatisfied customers.

UShip @ Pissed Consumer


Hi Budd

Thanks again for your services in getting my Classic 1983 Century Coronado form California back here to Michigan. It arrived Saturday night, in great condition, exactly as promised.

However, the reason that I am writing here is that this was because Mr. Greg Cassel, the driver, went absolutely above and beyond in making sure this happened. Greg inspected my boat when he picked up (I had never directly seen it, only in pictures as the transaction with the owner was carried out over the phone and internet ), and worked with the sellers to make sure the titles and paperwork were up to speed while I wired the $$ to their bank. He then secured all loose items so they would not rub / mar the surfaces of the boat, and made sure his mudflaps etc. protected the hull during transport to the extent possible. Greg even fixed the lighting on the trailer so they worked properly. And he did not stop there.

I received status phone calls every 6 hours or so, as a freak cold snap in the Rockies caused some blowing and icing conditions on I-80, and Greg wanted to be sure I knew things were up to speed. He even took my boat to the truck wash 2 times to wash off any road salt or chemicals that may have blown on to the boat during transport through the mountains. Wow ! I could have not asked for better service, he cared for the boat as if it were his own, and I really appreciated that.

Please pass this email on to Mr. Cassel's supervisor as this is a great example of what exceeding the customer's expectation is all about. I will not hesitate to use your services in the future, and would highly recommend Mr. Cassel / Crown Eagle / Truckaboat for anyone who needs a boat transport services.

Best regards,

Dan Wells



Cuagga / Zebra Mussels / What You Need to Know





Travis and Budd,

The boat is now safe and sound in Canada!!! Thank you for a REALLY GREAT moving experience! I know my circumstances were a total pain in the butt and slight changes at the witching hour etc etc......... but I am EXTREMELY happy about how you guys handled the move.

Mike was awesome... he is an really great guy... and certainly went far beyond his duty to make my move easy... I can comfortably say that without Mike, this move would have been a very difficult experience for me. He helped me with everything and he was great company as well... just a great guy!

Really just want to say THANX to all of you.

Regards, Alain Cote

U SHIP, a good idea?

Whats wrong with this picture?

First of all, the boat and trailer loaded on top of this truck is unsafe, over height and totally illegal. Secondly, the truck is well over weight as you can see by the trailer almost touching the ground and the rear tires are almost flattened out on the truck.

There is no company name , D.O.T. or Federal Motor Carriers Authority numbers on the truck, which means the person transporting this boat is operating illegally.


Want to make a bet on where these boats were contracted from ?




I have been paying closer and closer attention to the profiles, feedback ratings, and cancellation % of haulers that I compete with on UShip.com.

There is a predicatable, yet disturbing trend among haulers without DOT and MC# (also indicates a lack of proper insurance require for hire). They have; The lowest percentages of completed shipments .The highest rate of neutral or negative feedback

The lowest bids, resulting in the lowest UShip match fees - (many that are later refunded to disgruntled customers)

Do the statistics. Look at the correlation between your professional, insured, experienced haulers and the illegal, uninsured that are allowed in your 'doors' and able to bid and screw up a good thing for both haulers and shippers.

Why wouldn't UShip want to limit their exposure? Would you let a bum off the street into the UShip holiday party to help themselves to your buffet?

Mark Rinker

There is also the deception factor. Recently, it has come to my attention that several transporters listed on UShip are using (MC) Federal Motor Carriers Authority numbers from ligitimate transporters stolen at truck stops and posting them on UShip with their profiles.

Budd Aubry












Mark Rinker













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